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CareFREE collection

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you found me. x

CareFREE Collection now online!

CareFREE Collection.

This collection represents appreciating the smaller moments inbetween your busy day. The moments of joy that are sometimes overlooked.

 A calm day, watching the waves flow back & fourth with your best friend by your side.

You found me. x

You found me. x Collection

Meaningful matching jewellery for you and your Dog. Inspired by the support & unconditional love we receive from our dogs.

Visit our 'you found me. x' page to learn more about our pendants special meaning here

'you found me. x' collection now online.

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you found me. x 18k yellow Gold plated, or Stainless steel Pendant Necklace

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As long as you have this sweet little being at the end of your bed

You are loved & never alone.