Matching Collar + Lead Set - CUSTOM Design Dripping Glitter Collar- with or without Spikes


Eye Of Dog is excited to announce our New Custom design Dripping Glitter Collar & Lead Matching Set!
Purchase the Set together and save $15 AUD
Pick your Own Melted Glitter Colour for your stylish dogs unique personality!
We have three sizes available for a wide range of dogs.
Design your own Dog fashion!

Every collar & Lead Set is hand painted and there for every piece is slightly unique!

How to choose:

1. choose 1x colour, 2x colours or 3x colours.write the no. 1,2, or 3 in the Glitter colours box to say how many colours youd like paintEd. Then write which colour/s you'd like in order.

2. you can also add gold or silver spike studs or have without spikes

the placement of the drips will be similar to the dripping in gold & black Ice collar (see in images for example)

the images are in the product gallery for colour reference.


-black, white, SILVER, gold, copper, orange, red, purple, lilac, fuchsia, pink, green, blue, sky blue, deep blue, emerald green, ice blue.

- See images

Matching Lead

The design will mirroR the design choice of the collar. If you would like to have Different colours then the collar please write Lead colours after your collar colour choices.


Lead- 3x colours. Purple, white, gunmetal.

If you would like to add spikes to the lead, there will be 1x spike added close to the clasp and 1x spike added close to the handle.

You can also just add a plain Classic Black Lead to go with your Dripping in Glitter Collar.

The black, Leather collar & Lead has a light feel and has been hand painted, with silver glitter.

2.8 mm Leather width.

Black Ice Collar is highlighted with Alloy metal Hardware.



XSML-20-27 cm - Width 1.5 cm

SML-27-35 cm - Width 2 cm

MED- 35-44 cm - Width 2 cm