Rainbow & Grey Faux Fur Dog top. Sizing has Different colour variations- XXS



Rainbow & Grey Faux Fur Dog Jumper is one of Eye of Dogs Iconic Faux fur for dogs.

Handmade in Eye of Dog Studio.

This Eye of Dog top has different colour variations of each size. The Placement of the Rainbow faux fur means the colors vary on the top half of the sleeves.

-The Sleeves are slightly wider in fit.

- The bodice is made with a knit ponte. The weight of the fabric is light-medium with a good amount of elasticity. The Ribbing on the neck and waist matches the black bodice and has good elasticity.

-The knit ponte is black with matching black ribbing around the Neck and Waist.

- The back of the bodice has Eye of Dogs signature logo in black, sewn on.

- The hemline of the Bodice has a ribbing, pulling it in at the waist.

Sizing Guide

Sizing available- XXXS-XS
Only available until sold out.
Sizing guide in the Product gallery.


71% polyester, 27% Viscose.

Faux fur sleeves are Acrylic.


Gentle machine wash or hand wash, comb fur straight to dry and lay flat. Do not tumble dry.