You Found me. x Special connection features coming soon

A collection of the Special & unique bonds we all share with our lovely little dogs.

Below are Stories & photos celebrating each persons personal connection with their dog & the impact that they have had on their life. I'd love the page to have a photo of you & your dog wearing your new 'you found me. x' pendants, next to a paragraph about what makes your unique connection with your dog so special.

It could be lessons your dog has taught you, support you have received, a funny story or just appreciation for how amazing your dog is! We get so much from our dogs & this is a moment to reflect on how special they are to us.

It's okay if  you're uncomfortable showing your face it could also just be of your dog in the pendant or something else creative. You holding your dog showing the pendant from neck down, anything that makes your feel comfortable! I'd like it to be a positive, fun moment of gratitude for our great our dogs are.

If you have just purchased a necklace I'd still love to highlight your photo with the necklace along side a paragraph of the connection you share with your dog. 

 If you would like your special connection with your dog to be highlighted on our special connections page, or featured on our instagram please connect with us on; 


Instagram: tag @eyeofdog   

Facebook: @eyeofdogfashion 

Add #youfoundme on posts, for me to find you too.

 Each connection, story is unique & important. The only thing that matters is it's from your heart.