Tammy Found me first. x

Tammy was my very first dog when I was young. Before Tammy I was desperate to get a dog.. Exetremely desperate. Desperate. Begging, constantly. 

 A million stuffed dog toys in my room.. Going with my parents to anyones home that had a dog in their backyard to play with. 

I think mum gave in because she was running out of room for all of the 40+ toys I had of dogs.

 I still remember going and picking up Tammy, this tiny little thing in the back seat of the car with us. She was my best friend for so long, I still have extremely vivid memories with her.

 I would wrap scarfs around her & do impromptu photoshoots in my bedroom. The photos make me laugh now, & feel very sentimental. They are with us for such a short time & I miss her.

Double the love with Ralph & Nikki. x

The two dogs I grew up with after Tammy. 
Originally we were only meant to take one home, but we fell in love with them both. 

 They both passed away over the last 2 years from old age. Ralph was always wanting to cuddle, very sweet, & very scruffy.
Nikki was very clever, always ready for food, Fiercley independent, she didn't need no man.

 I was going through old photos & feeling a bit teary about them being gone, but also exetremy thankful that I was able to grow up with not one, two, but three beautiful dogs. The funny little zoomies Ralph would do if you looked at him for too long & Nikki was always hiding her bones when Eyvi would visit.


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Cherish the Memories. x

I also think now, maybe I should have hugged them more, played with them more, taken them for more walks. 

What could have I done to be a better dog parent when they were around & how can I show my love now in a meaningful way. 

Through the different phases of our lives we grow with our dogs, this is a big inspiration behind my 'you found me. x' pendants.

 Whether it's in the past or present they have a big impact of your life.
 They help you discover who you are and reinforce the importance of showing love when you can. The moments you do show love are never the times you regret. 

'You found me. x' pendants are a physical representation of that feeling. An Emotion you can wear next to your heart, not hidden or pushed to the side.
 A daily reminder for you to appreciate the moments with your dogs, because one day you may need to cherish the memories.