CareFREE Dog Ribbon
CareFREE Dog Ribbon

CareFREE Dog Ribbon

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A CareFREE Dog ribbon, designed by Eye of Dog in Melbourne, Australia.

I wanted to create an alternative to a collar that Eyvi could wear when we are hanging out at home.

Usually at night I take her collar off so she will be more comfortable when she's in bed. This ribbon is very lightweight.

When we are at home,  I wanted a fabric ribbon that is like a bandana, that she will be comfortable in & something that I can also attach her cute pendant too. There is a metal loop on the ribbon to attach your 'you found me. x' pendant too.

Ribbon Safety

This ribbon is a casual, comfortable idea for home use or areas that you feel very safe having them wear. It is not a collar for going for walks. It is equal to a decorative bandana.
Please attach the matching lead to your preferred harness or collar & do not rely on the ribbon when going for walks.
This ribbon is not designed as a lead attachment for when going for walks.
It is a casual ribbon (like a bandana) for comfort when not doing strenuous activity or in a compromising, unsafe environment.
Please do not rely on the ribbon for securing your dog tags in public places where there is a risk that your dog could escape.
When your dog is wearing the ribbon please make sure you have tied it securely.
Eye of Dog does not take any responsibility for your ribbon & pendant falling off from not being secured properly.
Please supervise your dog when wearing the ribbon.