About us

I created Eye of Dog when I had a need to find something cute for my new Chihuahua, Eyvi.
I couldn't find anything that I would feel comfortable putting her in & decided to make my own. After reflecting I can see it started from
more than just wanting 'cute dog clothing.'

I hadn't met my new little dog yet but I already loved her so much that I wanted to make her feel at home and cared for. I wanted to have a beautiful little set up for my new family member & the one way I knew how to do that was by using the skills I had in sewing to be thoughtful & creative.

Bringing home Eyvi gave me the permission and purpose I needed to start my creative journey through Eye of Dog.

We all use the different outlets we have to show love in our own unique way.
Eye of Dog started as my outlet to show the appreciation & love I've always had for Dogs & Design.

Ever since then I've been inspired by creating items for dogs that are unexpected.
Dog apparel and accessories with no boundaries on what they can and can't wear.

Through the pandemic I've become really inspired by the connection we share with these lovely little beings.
The way they can light up a room, and your life.

Every time I go out with Eyvi, I love the way she can break the ice with anyone. Her Eye of Dog outfits start conversations,
and always make people laugh or smile.

Dogs have the ability to turn strangers into old friends, creating a sense of ease and familiarity with anyone. 
The love everyone has for dogs brings people together in such a positive way.

Dogs remind us how to be open, loving, and carefree.

Traits we all have, that are sometimes misplaced behind our busy lives.

My goal for Eye of Dog is to continue to encourage these traits in others, by creating thoughtful and stylish pieces.
My designs are reflective of the daily moments spent with your dog, that without knowing can have the biggest impact on your wellbeing.

I'd like to celebrate and highlight the moments we share with our dogs, reflecting on why they are so special.

Thank you for letting me help celebrate the moments between you and your dog. 

Kathy & Eyvi


Our Mission

To create thoughtful pieces that celebrate the special moments & connections we share with our dogs.

Our Goal

To remind people that as long as they have this sweet little being at the end of their bed, they are loved & never alone. 

Our Vision

Create connection & joy through the universal love of dogs .

Moments at the beach with my best friend.