Hot Pink & Grey Faux Fur Top- XXXS



Hot Pink & Grey Faux Fur Dog Jumper is a stylish dog top. Eye of Dogs Iconic Faux fur for dogs.

Handmade in Eye of Dog Studio.

Our model Eyvi is wearing a size XXS. She has a 38 cm Girth/chest, her neck is 24cm, her length is 30cm,

- The Hot Pink & Grey coloured faux fur dog top has a raglan style bodice with faux fur sleeves.

-The Sleeves are slightly wider in fit.

- The bodice is made with a knit ponte. The weight of the fabric is light-medium with a good amount of elasticity. The Ribbing on the neck and waist matches the black bodice and has good elasticity.

-The knit ponte is black with matching black ribbing around the Neck and Waist.

- The Neck line of the Hot Pink & Grey Faux fur Dog jumper is a short neck design. The sleeves are made with two types of Faux fur. The Top half of the Sleeve is made from high quality 3-3.5 cm Shaggy Hot Pink Faux Fur. The Bottom half of the Sleeve is made from Lux Fur Tibetan Sand Fox White/Pewter faux fur. The opening of the sleeves has a raw edge.

- The back of the bodice has Eye of Dogs signature logo in black, sewn on.

- The hemline of the Bodice has a ribbing, pulling it in at the waist.

Sizing Guide

Please view the sizing guide in the garments image gallery, the last image.

Sizing available - XXXXS-MED  (unless sold out)


71% polyester, 27% Viscose.

Faux fur sleeves are Acrylic.


Gentle machine wash or hand wash, comb fur straight to dry and lay flat. Do not tumble dry.